Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"I swear to be the skinniest girl in school. Skinnier than you."


Cantinhos da Surpresa said...

Hello Misters Anderson,
I'm brazilian person, like very much about
your books, but now it's a matter.
cause just studied 3 years to english and
don't publish in my place...
i would know where you publish
in Brazil?
i will promise that see in bookstores,

so later
Luciana Amorim

Anonymous said...

I absolutely ah-dore this book, it's deffinatley nawt your average books. All the thoughts, decisions, fights with the struggling to survive and just every little thing in this novel completely and utterly blew me off my stoop. I cried about every single time i read but as much crying as i did i had to keep reading because you can noot put this book down Laurie is an unbelievable writer and i hope she writes many more books.

Emmie said...

this book was very triggering. i now have anorexia

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